How does it work?

The repair procedure starts with cleaning the chip of any glass fragmentation. This gives a clean area that the resin can adhere to.

Once the area is clean, we remove any trapped air and water from the windscreen chip using a vacuum type device. A clear liquid resin with similar optical properties to glass is then injected into the damaged glass. The resin is then cured using an ultra violet lamp. After this procedure the resin dries to a substance stronger than glass itself, this restores the strength to the damaged glass making it a complete structure again.

The final step is to remove any excess resin from the windscreen, and polish the repair to ensure the surface is smooth. The repair is now complete.

Your vehicle windscreen is far more than just a piece of glass to keep the wind and rain out. The windscreen is a major support to your roof. In the event of a rollover accident it keeps you in the vehicle upon impact. This safety feature only works if the glass stays in the vehicle frame during an accident. Your best chance of it staying intact is when the original manufacturer’s glass is held within the original factory seal. Both of these can be kept by repairing stone chip damage before it spreads into a large crack and needs replacement.

Windscreen Repair Before and After picture

Standard Windscreen

Before & after repair was carried out on a standard windscreen

Heated Windscreen Repair Before and After picture

Heated Windscreen

Before & after repair on a heated windscreen

How much does it cost?

First repair

Applies to the first repair on the windscreen

Additional repairs

Each additional chip on the screen in the same visit


*Making good a poor repair, done by another person

Bank Holiday call out fee £25
Missed Appointment Fee £15

*A poorly repaired screen can fail an MOT or just look like the work hasn’t even been done.
Unfortunately the problem with having to re-repair someone else’s work is it is far more difficult to make it a good repair.
It can be improved, sometimes quite dramatically, but you will know it is there.
However, we have always been able to re-repair work to a standard that passes an MOT test.

Cheques are not accepted, additional charge may apply depending on your area, please call for quote.

Accepted forms of payment
Accepted forms of payment